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Clearly social distancing has made it difficult for us to progress in wrestling.  Not being able to physically train and compete with a partner, complacency, laziness, anxiety, depression, lack of vision, etc. are all unique types of adversity that we now face to some degree.  Still, once you have wrestled everything else in life is easy!  Social distancing does not have to completely stop us from getting better in the sport, as well as progressing through this world and into the new.


Through the spirit of wrestling we can still focus on discipline, a daily routine, health and wellness, strength, conditioning, athletic development, skills, habits, technique, mental toughness, self-confidence, structure, competition, knowledge, and positive socialization with others on the same mission.  Our new Online Training Center, led by a world-class team, helps supply this demand!  Features include:

  • Daily LIVE STREAM Practices

  • eCamps & eClinics 

  • Virtual Coaches Corner 

  • eLympic Tournament Series 

  • Online Wrestling University 

  • LOG Technique Portal

  • Weekly Podcast 

  • Wrestling Resource Center

  • & More!

For more information on our innovative Online Training Center please explore our site and see how awesome this opportunity is for our wrestlers and wrestling community. 

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