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The LOG High School Freestyle & Greco Program provides primary and supplemental training to high school wrestlers looking to become better versed in the international styles.  Whether just beginning for the first time or planning to win Fargo, our USAW Core & Advanced Programming equips our members with the proper skills, techniques, habits and higher expectations. 

Although we have Seniors that come in their final year, or people who like to bounce around place to place,  your wrestler will find higher success if they commit to our program as early as possible in their high school career.


Because of the programming necessary to achieve our desired level of success, we recommend a 3 year commitment to allow for the formation of this world-class foundation.  Typically the first year is an introduction to the system and troubleshooting, the second year students are more comfortable and do not have to think as much, and the third year they have reached the stage of having a solid foundation consciously and subconsciously.  


You will see instant and gradual growth each year and, by the time of the 3rd year, our high school members are usually the best on their team, one of the top kids in the state, and on the path towards best in the country.  Our ultimate goal is to train them for their entire career in our system and onto the Senior level with plans to strengthen USA Wrestling on the international scene.

With these higher expectations and our specialization in the international styles, our members success in Folkstyle drastically improves as well.  Because of the details necessary to be successful in the international styles, winning high school state titles is more of an expectation than hope and every one of our members have the opportunity to wrestle in college.  

Our unique position as a USAW Olympic Developmental Academy allows us to offer Indiana youth wrestlers an additional link to USA Wrestling, Olympic and Regional Training Centers, national and international competitions, World and Olympic coaches and wrestlers, as well as additional opportunities and events.

Very few wrestling programs are able to commit to the international styles during the "off-season" for a variety of reasons, such as time or energy.  Some choose to continue investing in Folkstyle possibly due to their lack of knowledge about the rules and techniques, their focus on team building within their scholastic program, or they simply may not feel that their kids will be an Olympic Champion anyway so why train in these styles.

What many of us do not realize is that the best wrestlers in the country, the 4x state and national champions, who participate in these styles do not do it WHEN they are good - they do it to BECOME good. It is widely known in the upper echelons of coaching and wrestling that training and participating in these styles is a must. This is why the top programs in the state and country are always the top programs in the state and country.

Training and participating in these Olympic styles as early as possible is key to long-term development, helps their Folkstyle wrestling, and also helps alleviate burnout. It is almost too late to focus on these styles IF kids make it college, but doing so as soon as possible almost guarantees they have even the opportunity to wrestle in college.

There is plenty of evidence within our program, nationally and throughout history to back the importance of success in the international styles.   For this reason the LOG Future Olympian Program is designed to continue producing successful wrestlers with a world-class foundation and Olympic aspirations. 


Local & National                     March 11, 2019 - July 11, 2019      

International                           July 12, 2019 - August 15, 2019


Indy Boxing & Grappling

2926 E. Washington Street

Indianapolis, IN 46201

Mondays: 7p - 8:30p

Tuesdays: 7p - 8:30p

Wednesdays: 7p - 8:30p

Thursdays: 7p - 8:30p


Krav Maga Worldwide Indy

7264 Fishers Crossing Dr 

Fishers, IN 46038

Mondays: 4:30p - 6p

Tuesdays: 4:30p - 6p

Wednesdays: 4:30p - 6p

Thursdays: 4:30p - 6p


$100 Monthly 

$400 Future Olympian National Program (3/11-7/11) one time payment good before March 31

$450 Future Olympian International Program (3/11-8/15) one time payment good before March 31

$350 H.S. Preseason Program (8/1-11/1) one time payment good before August 1

$500 Youth (K-8) Folkstyle Season (9/2-3/8/2020) one time payment good before September 2

$750 Elite High School Membership (Yearly pass) one time payment anytime.

$1000 Elite Youth (K-8) Membership (Yearly Pass) one time payment anytime.

$50 Practice Pass (3 Practices)

$100 Practice Pass (6 practices)

*Team and Family Discounts Available

**Scholarships are available to any and all attendees at LOG that meet a financial or hardship need for their family. Please contact the LOG office directly for submission to this scholarship. Scholarships are based on need and available funds by a committee of LOG staff and volunteers

To register for the CENTRAL location please link below:

To register for the NORTH location please link below:

  • The team comes first! No wrestler is greater than the team.

  • We will not make excuses.

  • We will not blame others.

  • We will never quit.

  • We will lift each other up, not tear each other down.

  • We will display proper sportsmanship at all times.

  • We will give 100 percent effort at every practice, every dual meet, and every tournament.

  • Enjoy the sport.

  • Develop a sense of responsibility, commitment, and teamwork within the team. The Wrestling Team belongs to all of us. We all own it.  It’s an extension of our family. With ownership comes the responsibility for its success. The staff will stress that no individual is more important than the team. Everyone is equal and must do their individual jobs to make the team successful. With team success, individual success follows. When one succeeds, we all succeed. Each wrestler is responsible for him or herself as well as his or her teammates.

  • Develop solid wrestling skills.

  • Mentally and physically prepare for the rigors of wrestling. Wrestling is a combat sport played within the confines of specific rules. The quicker each wrestler understands this and develops this mindset, the better off he or she will be. This is a difficult sport that requires determination and discipline. Hard-nosed wrestling with intensity is expected.  We will encourage all wrestlers to wrestle hard and tough within the confines of the rules. No one ever feels 100 percent during the wrestling season.

  • Compete at an elite level through hard work, discipline, and an unbending will to be the best.

Participation at Legends of Gold is a privilege.  Accompanying that privilege is the responsibility of each wrestler to conform to the standards established by our staff, the board members of LOG and USA Wrestling.  We expect wrestlers to:

  • Have fun.

  • Have a positive attitude.

  • Represent the team in a positive manner.  Do not do anything that would embarrass the staff, the program, or each other.

  • Be on time for all practices, dual meets, and tournaments.  Wrestlers are expected to be fully dressed, on the mat and prepared to practice at the designated time.

  • Academics are Important!  You are students first!  You are expected to maintain at least a 2.0 grade point average (IDA).  Take your schoolwork with you to dual meets and tournaments.  

  • Wrestlers are expected to manage their time wisely.  Missing practice due to schoolwork means you did not manage your time wisely.  This will be considered an unexcused absence.

  • Work hard and give 100 percent at all times.  This is the building block for success.  If you don’t work hard you will not succeed as an individual.  Lack of success as individuals means a lack of success as a team.

  • Support your teammates. Stronger and older wrestlers should encourage the younger wrestlers and help them improve.

  • Respect your coaches. Inappropriate comments will not be tolerated. Know the boundaries between athlete and coach.

  • Put the team ahead of yourself.

  • Communicate directly with the coaches. This will help establish a positive line of communication between coach and wrestler.

  • There is a zero-tolerance policy toward hazing.  Any wrestler caught hazing will removed from the team.

  • Have fun.

  • Help your wrestler understand the team comes before the individual.

  • Have realistic expectations of your child.

  • Stress punctuality to your wrestler.

  • Schedule appointments and vacations so they do not conflict with practices or games.

  • Support your wrestler. If possible, be at the meets and tournaments for them. Cheer them on and have a good time.

  • Let the coaches do the coaching. The wrestling staff will coach your son or daughter.  This is your time to sit back in the stands and be the support system that they require.

  • Support the staff. We are in this together and are working for the same goal.

  • Act like an adult. Do not argue or make negative comments to other parents, coaches, or officials.  Especially in front of the wrestlers.  It undermines the team, it’s embarrassing to the wrestlers, and it only makes the wrestler hate the sport.

  • If you have an issue that you would like to discuss with a coach, please do it before or after practice in a private setting. Taking up an issue with a coach before or after a meet or tournament is never appropriate.  

  • The team’s success is determined by the involvement of everyone to make our kids experience a positive one.  If asked to help during a meet or tournament, please do.

  • We will have fun.

  • We will stress “The Team” concept above all else.

  • We will treat wrestlers with fairness, firmness, and respect.

  • We will push your wrestler to maximize their potential.

  • We will coach at all major events.

  • We will not degrade a wrestler.

  • We will constructively correct behavior that we feel is inappropriate.

  • We will teach safe and effective wrestling techniques.

  • We will praise good, hard-nosed wrestling.

  • We will not baby wrestlers.

  • We will not allow wrestlers to haze others.

  • We will be professional at all times.

  • We will keep you informed about all issues as soon as we are given the information.

  • Missing practice due to schoolwork shows a lack of proper time management on the wrestler’s part.  Missing practice because you have not managed your time is an unexcused absence.

  • Being late to practice is unacceptable. Wrestlers are expected to be fully dressed, on the mat and prepared to begin practice at the designated time.

  • A lack of effort or constant horseplay in practice will result in the wrestler being told to leave the practice room.

  • Multiple violations of the practice policy will result in expulsion from the team.

  • All wrestlers are expected to arrive on time.  

  • All wrestlers will travel to and from the event with the team unless it has been discussed prior to the event by 72 hours at a minimum.  

  • Wrestlers are encouraged to stay for the entirety of the event to cheer on teammates and build team chemistry.

  • Be very selective and use common sense when posting on social media such as Facebook or wrestling forums.  

  • Never post negative comments about our program or another wrestling program.  

  • Stay positive at all times, and NEVER post anything that could prove embarrassing to the program, our school or our community.

  • Infections have become an issue in all sports.  Because of the close contact while wrestling, proper hygiene is critical. All wrestlers will immediately shower after practice. Skin checks are required every day before practice.  Any suspicious skin problem should immediately be reported to the coaching staff to avoid passing skin infections from one teammate to another.

  • Wrestlers are expected to wear clean workout gear to every practice. They are expected to take used wrestling workout gear home after every practice. No food, sweat pants, sweatshirts, or other dirty gear will be left over night in the wrestling room.

  • Use antibacterial soap every day. Use a clean towel every day.

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